Challenger Drilling, Inc. operates two Ditch Witch JT100, one American Augers DD220, one Vermeer 330×500 and one Vermeer 750×900 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig. Each rig is supported by an 80bbl vacuum truck, a self contained Mud Mixing/Reclaiming System, Track Excavator and various support trucks and equipment.

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330 x 500


750 x 900




Additionally, Challenger Drilling, Inc operates a Ditch Witch JT3020 supported by a 2,000 gallon Mud Mixing system and various trucks and support equipment as required.

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CDI utilizes Digi Track Eclipse and F5 “walk-over” drill head tracking systems, as well as, Para Track II “wire-line” tracking systems. Proposed bore paths are created by field surveys by utilizing Total Station survey equipment and Atlas Bore Planner software, when required.

Additionally, each rig is staffed with competent tracking and drilling personnel, as well as an on-site foreman. All crews are supported by a full time safety coordinator to assure safety and OQ requirements are maintained.

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