We at Challenger Drilling, Inc., are committed to providing quality products and service for our client’s specific HDD needs. We utilize “no dig” trench-less technology techniques which allows the installation of oil and gas pipelines, water and sewer lines, etc. with little to no impact.

Challenger Drilling, Inc. as completed over 600 projects, consisting of more than 3,000 bores in over twenty states across the Gulf Coast, Mid West and East Coast of the United States.



Challenger Drilling, Inc., specializes in providing quality Horizontal Directional Drilling services to a variety of markets, including Oil and Gas Transmission, Cathodic Protection, Water and Sewer.

Typical underground installations include the placement of HDPE & Steel Pipelines, Casings and Conduits under Roadways, Rivers, Creeks, Railroads, Greenbelts and any other area where disturbing the surface is undesirable. The installation of Anode Beds and Reference Cell Conduits for the corrosion protection of Pipelines and Above Ground Storage Tanks is also a specialty of Challenger Drilling, Inc.

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