Challenger Drilling, Inc celebrates its 15th year in business – July 2013

\"image003\"Over the company’s 15 years in business, Challenger Drilling, Inc. has Horizontally Directionally Drilled and installed oil and gas pipelines, water and sewer lines as well as Cathodic Protection linear anode systems. These have consisted of nearly 600 completed projects in over 20 states, ranging across the Gulf Coast, Mid West and East Coast of the United States. In the past several years Challenger Drilling, Inc. has maintained rapid growth, nearly doubling its business. The company has recently expanded its administration facility in Tomball, Texas as well as the addition of a brand new shop and storage yard in Kountze, Texas. Danny Tweedel, Vice President of Operations said: “The keys to our longevity have been keeping top quality work and customer service as our core business values. Our client’s satisfaction is crucial to our success. The feedback received consistently ranks Challenger among the best in the industry. We have found that having both operational experience, quality equipment and a top-notch workforce is key to making installations seamless for our customers. This allows them to trust in our ability to deliver quality and timely work.” Executive Vice President and Founder Jeff Lutz continued, “We’re thriving after fifteen years in a roller coaster economy because our team is committed to making customers happy. By offering quality work and being able to stay ahead of the curve in regards to safety compliance and qualifications we clearly understand what it takes to perform at our best. We also understand our customers’ requirement to meet their client’s deadlines and do all we can to ensure a smooth installation from start to finish. This has been a contributing factor to Challenger maintaining its strong growth pattern.” Mike Riley, President of Challenger Drilling, Inc. said, “Challenger is committed to continuing to build a trusted, reliable service that moves with the industry. This includes increasing the number of our drilling rigs and crews as early as the first quarter of 2014. This will keep Challenger growing. We look forward to celebrating again in another 15 years.”

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