Horizontal Directional Drilling Markets Served

Oil & Gas Transmission

Domestic Onshore Oil & Gas Exploration and Production is a thriving industry in the United States. As American dependency on foreign oil rises, the need for domestic oil & gas reserves increases. Domestic oil companies are drilling new oil & gas wells at a record pace, and the need to bring this commodity to market requires the installation of oil & gas transmission pipelines. Challenger Drilling, Inc. operates HDD equipment for the installation of these oil & gas pipelines, whether placing a line to connect a newly completed wellhead to a gathering line, or participating in a cross-country supply line project.


Challenger Drilling, Inc. actively participates in the installation of new water and sewer lines using HDD processes, specializing in “On-Grade” placement of gravity sewer lines.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Benefits

  • Less disruptive to the surface area / environment – no trenches.
  • Savings in excavations and surface damage repairs.
  • Savings on shoring costs and trenching related accidents.
  • Ability to drill beneath surface obstructions or ongoing site operations.
  • Limited weather related delays.
  • Limited traffic and landscape disruption. Ideal for sites sensitive to surface disruption such as heavy roadways, airport runways, golf courses, etc.

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