Challenger Drilling, Inc., specializes in providing quality Horizontal Directional Drilling services to a variety of markets, including Oil and Gas Transmission, Cathodic Protection, Water and Sewer.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling

Challenger Drilling, Inc., a Texas corporation founded in 1998, specializes in providing quality Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) services to a variety of markets, including but not limited to
Oil & Gas Transmission Pipeline Construction, Water Distribution Construction, and Sewer Line Construction.

Cathodic Protection

Additionally, Challenger Drilling provides Cathodic  Protection products and specialized installation services to the Oil & Gas Production, Storage and Transmission Industries by way of Horizontal Directional drilling techniques.

Safety Training & Certification

Your Training. Your Way. Versatile safety training with the ability to mobilize our training program to your facility of choice including your jobsite. Includes Pipeline Operator Qualifications, Construction Site Safety and Management, OSHA, First Aid, CPR, BBD, AED, and more certifications.

Safe. Efficient. HDD Solutions.

Challenger Drilling, Inc. is committed to providing its employees with a safe working environment by adhering to rigorous safety policies in order to reduce hazards. Through extensive company-wide communication of safety procedures, and their utilization in our day to day operations, we undertake all reasonable measures to improve safety efforts. All Challenger Drilling, Inc. employees participate in our pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing program as per 49 CFR Part 199 and 49 CFR Part 40. Personnel are trained to properly respond in the event of an incident whether on a pipeline, at a terminal, upon a roadway, etc.

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